Ulster Township supervisors Monday agreed to let a pipeline company dig into a section of Oak Hill Road to install a well pipe and attempt to correct a sinking part of the roadway.

Supervisors Dick Farr and Jeff Lenox voted to give permission to Access Midstream Partners to cut into the road, despite the township's past policy of not allowing utility companies to make open cuts. Supervisor Boyd Rowe was absent from Monday's meeting.

After installing the pipe, workers will replace the section with new roadway, Scott Kinter of Access Midstream told supervisors Monday. Construction will begin as soon as possible.

Another company recently installed a pipe at the location where Access Midstream wants to place its well pipe. Supervisors said water now flows to the area where the original pipe was placed, causing a section of the road to settle.

Access Midstream will work with road foreman Galen Finnerty to place drainage ditches and use other methods to direct water away from the pipe, Kinter said.

In the past, supervisors have requested that companies instead bore into the roadway to install pipe. Companies have not always followed that directive, with at least one ignoring the conditions of the township's road bonds, Lenox said.

"We've been burned too many times," he said. "I'm totally against digging up our roads at all."

However, upon discussion with Finnerty and Access Midstream officials, supervisors agreed to let the company make cuts due to the poor condition of the affected section of roadway.

Supervisors plan to evaluate the area with Access Midstream representatives in April 2014, the next time the company has work scheduled in Ulster Township.

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