WYSOX - Hundreds of construction jobs will be created for the building of Moxie Energy LLC's natural gas-fired power plant in Asylum Township, said Aaron Samson, president of Moxie Energy.

On Friday, he gave a presentation on the project at the Central Bradford Chamber of Commerce dinner at the Towanda Country Club in Wysox. Several slides of models showing what the plant will look like were unveiled.

He said construction could begin by the year end in 2012, and that the job could last about 30 months. According to Samson, the construction will average 200 jobs and will peak at about 500. He said there will be about 30 permanent jobs, and these will be high-paying technical jobs. He said the pay would be in the "70-range, average."

Samson noted that Moxie has begun development of the 800 Megawatt Combined Cycle Power Plant to be fueled with locally produced natural gas. It will be located on the east side of the Fulmer property in Asylum Township and will interconnect electrically with the 230 kv substation adjacent to the Craftmaster plant, he noted. Samson said he hopes to see the plant operational by the first quarter in 2015.

The total investment will be approximately $800 million with a $600-$700 million market value for local property tax, Samson said. The annual maintenance budget will average $12 million, he said. He also shared technical information about workings of the proposed plant.

"This will probably be the cleanest, most efficient combined cycle power plant in Pennsylvania," Samson said in an earlier interview.

The plant would be located off state Route 187. Also, the entrance to the plant would be about 500 yards from the bridge that carries Route 187 over the Susquehanna River. The plant will not draw any water from the Susquehanna River, Samson said previously. Nor will it discharge water into the river. The plant would use Towanda Municipal Authority's water and sewer system, which would be on a proposed extension of city water and sewer into part of Asylum Township, Calaman said in an earlier interview. Rather than using river water for cooling, it will use air-cooled condensers, Samson said previously, noting the plant's air emissions would be "very low." Moxie's goal is to use natural gas produced in the area, Calaman said earlier.

During his presentation, Samson noted that detailed site plans and permit applications are being prepared and will be submitted later this month; the major permits will be the air permit issued by the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and the site plan approval from Asylum Township.

Samson said the noise produced would be low, around 50-52 decibels. Parenthetically, it was noted the township doesn't have a noise ordinance.

Tom Calaman of JoAnne Kizer Real Estate, who was hired by Moxie Energy to look for suitable sites for the plant, was recognized by the chamber and presented a cup for facilitating Samson's appearance.