Preparations for the planned Sheetz convenience store in Wysox Township are continuing to move forward.

"As far as I know, there will be a submission" of an application to the Bradford County Planning Commission for preliminary approval of the Sheetz convenience store "in the near future," said Sarah Reichard, Bradford County planner.

The store needs preliminary approval from the Planning Commission in order for construction to start. After the building is constructed, an inspection would take place and the project could receive final approval.

The Sheetz store, which would also have gas pumps, would be constructed at the intersection of U.S. Route 6 and Craftmaster Road.

The state Department of Transportation had asked the developers of the Sheetz convenience store to conduct a traffic study on the impact of the store on the area, and one of the conclusions of the study is that a traffic light would be needed at the intersection of Craftmaster Road and Route 6.

Wysox Township Zoning Officer Kurt Lafy said he had spoken about the traffic light within the past month with a representative of Craft Corners LP, which owns the property where the Sheetz store would be constructed.

Lafy said he and the representative of Craft Corners discussed easements on private property that will be needed for the installation of the traffic light, as well as a maintenance agreement that will be needed for the light.

"Plans for the red light are going ahead," Lafy said.

Plans for the traffic light have been submitted to the state Department of Transportation for its review, said Dave Thompson, a spokesman for PennDOT, on Thursday.

Paperwork related to the traffic light and the maintenance agreement have also been submitted to the township by PennDOT and Craft Corners, Lafy said.

The plans for the construction of the Sheetz store were announced in February 2013 by Wysox Township officials.

The Wysox Township supervisors in February 2013 agreed to write a letter of support for the traffic light, saying it would help pave the way for the development of the Craft Corners property.

The Review was unsuccessful in its attempts to obtain comment for this story from the Sheetz chain.

The representative from Craft Corners also declined to be interviewed for this story.

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