CANTON - Police coverage was a topic at the borough council meeting Monday night.

During the police department report, Canton police officer Doug Seeley told council that he has increased the hours of the police officers "so that we have a little bit more coverage and more out there."

Mayor John Vineski spoke about this later in the meeting, noting that it gives the borough better protection.

"Like Doug mentioned, we're trying to get more police coverage during the week, especially on the weekends, so your shifts are staggered shifts; they don't all come in at the same time, so they don't all go home at the same time," he said.

The mayor said he was questioned by people recently about how to get in touch with a police officer in the borough.

"The proper way to get a hold of a police officer in Canton is to call the police department first; if they get no answer, then they are to call Bradford County, because then Bradford County can get a hold of the police officer on duty, because police officers don't sit in here all their shift; they're out on the street," Vineski said.

At last month's meeting, a resident had asked about the possibility of 24-hour police coverage.

This was again touched upon at Monday's meeting.

Currently, Vineski said, there is no way to afford that with the police budget, "but maybe down the line there will be a chance that we'll be able to afford that."

"I'm still hoping that maybe down the line we'll have a regional police force with Troy," council president Ken Robertson said.

"Well, we'll see," Vineski said.

Canton fire chief J. Scott May asked that the mayor clarify that with an actual emergency, residents should start with 911 first.

Seeley also noted that incidents are "up some, being that the warm weather is coming."

Council agreed to a request for a Montague Street partial road closure for Sunday, April 14. Borough administrator Amy Seeley said it would be for the majority of the day, while an auction is going on.

"As long as the neighbors don't have any problem with it," Roberston said.

Council also agreed to close the town square for the Community Block Dance from 7-10 p.m. on June 8.

Council also heard the following information/reminders, which were listed on the agenda: State Ethics Commission statement of financial interests form is due May 1, the outdoor furnace shutoff in the borough is April 30, recreational burning could begin as of April 1, the 19th Annual Tioga-Bradford Equipment Show is Sept. 5 in Troy, and the West Branch Council of Governments 14th Annual Equipment Show and Training Day is May 15 in Hughesville.

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