Here are the polling places in Bradford County for Tuesday's election:

Alba Borough - First Christian Church, 74 Church Drive, Alba

Albany Twp. - Evergreen Christian Church, 23 Szemple Ln., New Albany

Armenia Township - Mary Lyon Annex -- Olde Colvert Church, 1773 Fallbrook Rd.

Asylum Township - New Asylum Twp. Building, 19981 Route 187

Athens Boro 1st Ward - Presbyterian Church (Large room in basement), 622 S. Main St., Athens

Athens Boro 2nd Ward - Chemung View Apartments, 222 Chemung St., Athens.

Athens Boro 3rd Ward - Borough Municipal Building, 2 S. River St.

Athens Boro 4th Ward - Page Manor dining area, 502 Church St., Athens

Athens Twp. 1st District - New Life Mennonite Church, 915 Front St., Athens

Athens Twp. 2nd District - Municipal Bldg., 45 Herrick Ave., Athens

Burlington Boro - Methodist Church (Room in basement), 62 Berwick Turnpike.

Burlington Twp. - Luthers Mills United Methodist Church Annex, 1307 Covered Bridge Road

West Burlington Twp. - W. Burlington Municipal Bldg., 13028 Route 6

Canton Boro - Ecumenical Church Social Room, 103 N. Center St.

Canton Twp. - Canton Twp. Building, 3235 Route 414, Canton

Columbia Twp. - Community Hall (Kindergarten Rm) 4709 Austinville Rd.

Franklin Twp. - Franklindale Community Hall, 15 Grange Rd.

Granville Twp. - Granville Center Church of Christ, 5753 Rt. 514

Herrick Twp. - Fireman's Hall, 27 Hops Rd., Herrickville

LeRaysville Boro - Community Hall, 27 Church Street, LeRaysville

Leroy Twp. - Leroy Community Hall, 251 Mill Street

Litchfield Twp. - Litchfield United Methodist Church, 2759 Litchfield Rd.

Monroe Boro - Monroeton Public Library, 149 Dalpiaz Dr., Monroeton

Monroe Twp. - Community Alliance Church, 27 Alliance Ln.

New Albany Boro - Fire Co. Hose Room, 134 Main St., New Albany

Orwell Twp. - Orwell Bible Church, 1749 Orwell Hill Rd

Overton Twp. - St Paul's Church of Overton, 781 Overton Rd.

Pike Twp. - Neath/Welsh Congregational Church Hall, 4702 Williams Rd.

Ridgebury Twp. - Municipal Bldg., 13278 Berwick Turnpike, Gillett

Rome Boro - Educational Bldg., Presbyterian Church, Rome

Rome Twp. - Township Bldg., 28083 Route 187 (next to the YHEC Bldg.)

Sayre Boro 1st Ward - Elks Annex, 117 S. Elmer Ave., Sayre

Sayre Boro 2nd Ward - Keystone Manor (comm rm) 900 N. Elmer Ave., Sayre

Sayre Boro 3rd Ward - Fire Hall in Milltown, 120 South St., Sayre

Sayre Boro 4th Ward - St. John's Lutheran Church, 207 S. Hopkins St., Sayre

Sayre Boro 5th Ward - Department of Public Works, 321 S. Thomas Ave., Sayre

Sheshequin Twp. - Trinket Community Bldg., 515 Grange Hall Rd.

Smithfield Twp. - Twp. Building, 48 Factory Ln., E. Smithfield

South Creek Twp. - Old Gillett School, 6 School House Rd

South Waverly Boro - Borough Building, 2523 Pennsylvania Ave., Sayre

Springfield Twp. - Township Building, 3431 Springfield Rd

Standing Stone Twp. - New Twp. Bldg, (corner of Rte. 6 & Tamarack Rd.) 35165 Route 6

Stevens Twp. - Stevensville Community Hall, 8999 Route 706

Sylvania Boro - Community Hall, 2553 Sylvania Rd.

Terry Twp. - Township Building, 1876 Rienze Rd.

Towanda Boro 1st Ward - Trinity Lutheran Church, 908 S. Main St.

Towanda Boro 2nd Ward - Towanda Fire Depart., 101 Elm St. (Plank Rd.) Towanda

Towanda Boro 3rd Ward - Independent Baptist Church, 109 Cherry St., Towanda

Towanda Twp. - Towanda Twp. Municipal Bldg., 44 Chapel St.

North Towanda Twp. - 477 Reuter Blvd. (Next to 3D's Pizza Place)

Troy Boro - First Baptist Church Fellowship Hall, 579 Canton St., Troy

Troy Twp. - Oscoluwa Engine & Hose Inc., 88 Firehouse Dr., Troy

Tuscarora Twp. - Spring Hill Community Hall, 4249 Spring Hill Rd

Ulster Twp. - Ulster-Sheshequin Fire Hall, 85 Rescue St., Ulster

Warren Twp. - Warren Twp. Community Building, 187 School House Rd.

Wells Twp. - Coryland Church, 3028 Hickory Rd.

Wilmot Twp. - Township Building, 4861 Route 187, Hollenback

Windham Twp. - Windham Twp. Community Hall, 38846 Route 187

Wyalusing Boro - Fire Hall, 24 Second St.

Wyalusing Twp. - Township Building, 41654 Rt. 6 (Old IH Bldg.) Wyalusing

Wysox Twp. - Wysox EMS/Ambulance Bldg., 22537 Route 187, Wysox

Here are selected polling places in Sullivan County:

Bernice Precinct - Bel-Mil Fire Company Building.

Cherry Township - Cherry Township Municipal Building.

Colley Township - Colley Township Municipal Building.

Dushore Borough - Dushore Fire Company Building.

Lopez Precinct - Lopez Municipal Bldg.