Mallory Babcock of Armenia Township is alerting the public about what she said appears to be scam phone calls.

Babcock, who is the township secretary, said she recently received a phone call with the caller ID of "Hicksville," with no phone number.

"They were foreign and said they were calling from Microsoft," she said. Babcock said the male caller told her that some of her drivers on her personal computer were not working correctly.

She said the caller wanted her to turn on her computer so he could fix the problem.

Babcock said she knows that Microsoft is not involved because she said the company doesn't do any unsolicited phone calls.

Babcock said it was "obviously a scam and an attempt to gain access to my information."

She said that no matter what she said to the caller, he kept on talking to her. Finally, Babcock said she hung up on him.

After receiving a second such phone call, Babcock said she called the Frontier "nuisance department."

Babcock said, "they (Frontier) said they are aware of" the phone calls.

"Nothing can really be done, except to alert the public that our area may be their (the callers') target area right now," Babcock said.

She said that she also notified federal authorities.

Babcock said she doesn't know of anyone else who has received the phone calls, but she said another township resident received several suspicious emails asking him to open attachments.

"People need to be aware and very, very cautious anytime anyone asks you to open up any attachments. By opening an attachment, they can get into your computer and they can access your personal information."

Babcock said she didn't notify state police at Towanda, but she said residents can do so if they receive a suspicious phone call or email.

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