The Wysox Township supervisors have hired Sheshequin Township resident Ralph Perry to be the new roadmaster for the township, the chairman of the supervisors said.

Perry was selected from several applicants for the job, said Jon Kulick, chairman of the Wysox Township supervisors.

Perry was chosen primarily because of his "vast" experience, Kulick said.

Perry has done road work in the past, Kulick said.

"As a lifelong farmer, he can do just about anything," Kulick said.

Before coming to his interview, Perry had driven all the roads in the township, and at the interview, he told the supervisors what needed to be done to upgrade the roads.

"It was pretty much what we were thinking should be done," Kulick said.

Perry will be working part-time for the township, and will have two part-time laborers, Bob Brown and Todd Maynard, working under him, Kulick said.

However, the supervisors are evaluating whether the roadmaster position needs to be full-time or part-time, Kulick said. "We're kind of playing it by ear," Kulick said.

Perry has started work as the township roadmaster, but is still within his first full month on the job.

As a part-time roadmaster, it's expected that Perry will work, on average, up to two hours a day, but would work more than that if there were a snowstorm or an emergency, such as flooding, Kulick said.

As a part-time township employee, Perry will not receive benefits, Kulick said.

The township has been without a roadmaster since late October, when Gary Foster resigned as township roadmaster. At the time, Foster agreed to reimburse the township $1,357.90 for "inaccuracies" in bills that he had submitted to the township. The supervisors have released only a limited amount of information about Foster's resignation and the problem with the bills he submitted.

Foster is continuing to serve as a township supervisor.

The roadmaster, along with the laborers working under him, do snow plowing, cindering and salting the roads, road repair, mowing, ditch work, tree work, and other tasks.

Hillside Drive

Kulick also said the Hillside Drive sewer extension project has been completed. The cost of the project was less than the quote from the contractor, Kulick said.

The extension, measuring 1,500 feet, was designed to serve approximately seven homes.

The supervisors had said they planned to pay for the project using revenue from the impact fee.

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