Under the redistricting plan that was approved on Wednesday by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, residents of Bradford and Sullivan counties will continue to have the same state representative that they have had in the past.

Under the plan, state representatives Tina Pickett and Matt Baker will continue to represent the same municipalities in Bradford County that they have represented in the past, Pickett said.

"There is no change for Bradford County" in the redistricting plan, Pickett said.

And under the redistricting plan, Pickett will continue to represent all of Sullivan County, Pickett said.

On Wednesday, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court approved the redistricting plan, which is called the state Legislative Reapportionment Commission's 2012 Revised Final Plan.

The plan redraws the boundaries of House and Senate districts based on the 2010 Census.

In the decision that it handed down on Wednesday, the Supreme Court affirmed that the plan does not contradict current law and dismissed all appeals.

The court ruled that the plan can take effect for Pennsylvania's 203 House districts and 50 Senate districts beginning with the 2014 elections.

Pickett said the only changes to her district that the plan makes are in Susquehanna County.

The 110th District, which Pickett represents, will now include Springville and Lathrop Townships and Friendsville and Hop Bottom boroughs, Pickett said. Springville and Lathrop Townships and Friendsville and Hop Bottom boroughs had previously been in Rep. Sandra Major's district, Pickett said.

Forest Lake Township and Jessup Township, both of which had been in the 110th district, will now be in Rep. Major's district, Pickett said.

Baker said that his district remains the same except for the fact that two municipalities in Potter County - the Borough of Galeton and the township of Pike - were added to it.

Rep. Pickett said she expects no further changes to be made to the plan.

Nick Troutman, an aide to state Sen. Gene Yaw, said the plan is final.

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