TROY - A cat skulks across a yard.

In the distance, Armenia Mountain looms like a verdant wall as windmills perched high on its ridges spin round and round and round.

Nearby, an army of cattails poke their fluffy heads up from a pond. Along the streets, trees slip into their green coats and birdsong fills the air.

It's just another spring afternoon in the Troy Heights community, and everything seems at peace.

The name of a private drive along one of the streets seems to sum up the serene milieu: "Tranquility Drive."

"It's very residential," said Troy Mayor Mike Powers, who lives on Newland Drive in the Heights. "The residents all are friendly and we all work together."

"Lovely" and "well kept" are the words he uses to describe the landscaping that dresses up the neighborhood.

He doesn't employ the same adjectives to describe the streets, however.

Powers said the section of the street in front of his house is in "horrible" condition. It shows rough places.

The mayor said that eight residents on his street approached him personally asking him to do something about the condition of the street.

"These people are tired of me giving the same old line that it's up to the council to do something, not the mayor," he commented. "I know that we're just one of many streets in the borough, and I realize you can't repair or repave every street in the borough that needs it, but this has been an issue for the past several years, and all they're doing is putting a band aid over the wound. It needs to be really done properly."

Rather than patching the streets, Powers said, they need to be stripped down and repaved.

"They (council) have got to do something, and everything is sent to committees and the committees aren't doing anything," Powers said. "There always seems to be an excuse of some other priority besides the Heights."

When asked for comment, borough manager Dan Close provided this statement: "The Borough Manager and the Streets and Sidewalk Committee are currently evaluating the condition of all the streets in the Borough. We will be developing a short- and long-range plan that addresses the worst streets in this construction season and progresses to other streets over the next few years based on street conditions, available budget and safety."

One borough resident, Bob Gee, is also concerned about the situation. He doesn't live in the Heights, but he is still frustrated.

"Where's the tax money and why aren't the roads getting done?" he asked.

"These blacktop roads are so bad, it's not funny. Everywhere up here needs re-blacktopped, just about."

In addition, he said drainage in the Heights needs addressed.

Gee was concerned about the streets overall in the Heights.

One of his several areas of concern was the intersection of Newland and Rockwell Drive, where he said a culvert pipe is partially exposed. He said the metal is a danger to motorists.

"People come in, they can hit it with their tires."

Elsewhere, the intersection of Valley View Drive and Courtney Drive - near the "Tranquility Drive" sign - shows a place where the street is significantly worn away.

Powers' neighbor, Art Dickerson, is also concerned about the street conditions and the potholes.

"They patched one or two, but they didn't get the biggest ones."

Across the street, Sarah Dunbar said that you have to drive carefully around the potholes. She also thinks the streets need cleaned.

"I don't like to dodge the potholes coming up through here. There is a path to take to dodge the potholes."

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