A new community church has been holding worship service since last November in Van Etten, N.Y. The former St. Pious Catholic Church at 92 Main St. was recently purchased for the new ministry. The story began last July, when the current pastor Phil Jordan was asked to perform a wedding there.

After the July wedding, Jordan was talking to the family. "I said I'd love to have this church for services, and they said we can make that happen," Rev. Jordan joked as he sat in a pew before the regular 4:30 p.m. Saturday service. That's when the story of the new congregation of the church starts, but Rev. Jordan's story starts long before that.

Rev. Jordan began his spiritual life in Episcopal seminary school, knowing from the start he wanted to be a preacher. However, there was an issue. Rev. Jordan has what some might call psychic abilities, a unique intuition that allows him to connect with people on a very personal level. His abilities as a psychic have been documented on national television shows such as Psychic Detectives, and on several networks such as Court TV, Biography and A&E.

But don't go to his church expecting some kind of reality show experience with "live readings."

"I see my visionary work as reinforcing my faith," Rev. Jordan said. "But some people don't understand my ways."

After being told that someone with his gifts should not be a priest, Rev. Jordan continued his education and holds several degrees including two in education. In 1989 he passed the requirements to be licensed as a funeral director in New York. But he had always wanted to be a man of the cloth, and in 1988 he was ordained as a non-denominational inter-faith minister. Jordan is also currently Pastor-in-Charge at the Caroline Center Church in Caroline Center, N.Y.

Rev. Jordan is not shy about his psychic career, what he calls his "work." Indeed, it supports and supplements his pastoral work. But he is not shy about his faith either. "Christ taught us to love all people who are born into this life," Rev. Jordan said. "All people are welcome here. God embraces all people, so who are we to judge." For years Rev. Jordan was a layperson in the Episcopal Church, using what he had learned in seminary school, so it's not surprising his services lean towards Episcopalian services.

"It's usually a short service, and we have communion at each service. It's a blended liturgical service that leans towards Episcopal," Rev. Jordan said. "I want this church to interweave Faith into everyday life, and Christ would not want anyone turned away. It's a Christian Church open to all people, embracing them with the love of Christ. Think of it as a little peaceful cove of Faith."

Rev. Jordan leads services every Saturday at 4:30 p.m. at St. Luke's Church, 92 Main St. Van Etten, N.Y.; and at 10 a.m. Sunday mornings at the Caroline Center Church, 719 Buffalo Rd., Caroline Center, N.Y.