The Bradford County Commissioners have announced the grand reopening of the old road between Sunfish Pond and the old town of Laquin. The road has been closed since 1997 but has been repaired over the last year. The ribbon cutting ceremony will take place at 9 a.m. on Aug. 16 at Sunfish Pond Park. We will be serving coffee and donuts to the first 50 vehicles to take the trip down the newly opened road.

This project has drawn great interest from the community as they have heard through the grape vine that the road was to be opened. Many people grew up taking Sunday rides with their families and making the loop from Laquin to Sunfish Pond and on to the Barclay Cemetery and down the mountain to Foot of the Plane.

Historians say that the town of Laquin was established around 1902 as a lumber town. The town thrived in the early years having a population of around 2,000 people. The town had a hotel, two churches, a school, a boarding house, store, depot, town building and numerous homes. The area also sported a baseball field with some very good teams traveling from other towns to play here. The death of the town came as the timber diminished. A CCC (Civilian Conservation Camp) camp was established in 1930 but only lasted about 10 years and by the early 1940s Laquin became a ghost town. There is a lot of heritage in this area and the opening of this road makes it all more accessible. So, come with us for a trip down memory lane on the 16th of August and enjoy this beautiful ride through Pa. State Game Lands No. 12. The road will have no winter maintenance and the gates will be closed for the winter season.

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