The big football game wasn't the only attraction Sunday night for a group of 140 kids in grades 7-12 at the Northeast Bradford High School.

Reaching Our Community for Christ held its annual Super Bowl party at the school and attracted a much higher turn out than last year, which was only 80.

During the party there were activities such as dodge-ball, basketball, volleyball, an indoor horseshoe game, card games, board games, and also two guest speakers scheduled to explain how they personally found Christ in their life.

ROCC President Micah Russell said, "This is the fourth year we've had the event and each year it is getting bigger. It is a great way for kids to have fun during the Super Bowl."

Russell wanted to thank Northeast Bradford School District for allowing the event to take place each year.

"Northeast Bradford is awesome to let us in here. They let people use the facilities here all the time and it really benefits the community," Russell said.

The entire school was open to ROCC, with most of the kids utilizing the cafeteria and gymnasium areas.

During the football game, kids opted to socialize and play games instead of watching the Super Bowl … something that Russell said has happened every year since the first annual event.

ROCC Vice President Paul Rishel estimated that approximately 30 volunteers were attending the event.

Rishel said that ROCC has recently been granted 501.3c non-profit organization status and relies on a group of about 10 churches to fund it.

The highlight of the night was guest speaker Mitch Zajac's presentation on how he found God in his life.

Zajac, who is from the Reading area, explained to the audience how at an early age he was introduced to drugs and quickly began leading a life of crime. Zajac was imprisoned eight times for crimes that he had committed, most being violence or drug related in nature.

According to Zajac, 10 years ago he turned his life over to God, decided to sober up and shortly after began giving presentations to children in order to stop them from making the same mistakes he had.

Zajac offered, "This life is no joke, and if I can help children avoid the emptiness that I experienced for so long, I have done my job."

Guest speaker Sarah Martin also explained how she found God after a friend who was dying of cancer asked her to find Jesus.

Throughout the night a mix of learning about Jesus and enjoying fun activities made sure to entertain the children attending.

There will be a fifth annual party next year, again at Northeast Bradford High School, Russell said.