On Thursday, the first of 11 state-owned bridges in north central Pa. was posted with a weight restriction as part of a statewide initiative to ensure bridge safety and preserve our aging bridge system.

The bridge posted today carries Route 706 over Cold Creek, two miles northeast of Camptown in Stevens Township, Bradford County. The bridge restriction now limits single vehicles to 32 tons and 40 tons for combinations.

Ten additional state bridges and 50 locally-owned bridges in the nine north central counties of PennDOT District 3 will be posted with new or lower limits in the coming weeks and months.

Reducing the weight traveling on these bridges will slow down their deterioration and preserve safety while funding for their repairs remains uncertain.

Last week, PennDOT Secretary Barry J. Schoch authorized the transportation department to add or increase weight restrictions to about 1,000 structurally deficient (SD) bridges statewide. PennDOT must take this step because of legislative inaction on transportation funding this past June, leaving the department's future resources in question.