SAYRE - The borough council's administration committee made several recommendations Monday to be voted on by the full council.

Members recommended the hiring of EFP Rotenberg, an accounting firm with an office in Corning, N.Y., to perform the borough's municipal audit for 2013 at a cost of $16,500. The firm will also perform the Sayre Public Library's audit for an additional $4,000, said borough manager Dave Jarrett.

The borough's former accounting firm no longer performs municipal audits, Jarrett said. The timing of the change would make it difficult to seek additional proposals at this time, but the council may decide to request proposals for the 2014 audit, he said.

Committee members also recommended changing the $50 deposits on bandstand rental at Howard Elmer Park and pavilion rental at Riverfront Park. If approved by council, the fees would become non-refundable.

Retaining the fee would help to offset the costs of reserving and inspecting the parks, said finance coordinator Elizabeth Fice.

The fee changes will be added to the borough's annual fee resolution, Jarrett said.

The committee also recommended outsourcing sewer bill processing to an outside company, which Fice said would save the borough money and time.

Officials looked into outsourcing the task of printing, folding, stuffing and mailing sewer bills because of increased postal service regulations for bulk mailing, Fice said.

If approved, the borough would pay about $1,500 per quarter to outsource the task. By comparison, the borough paid about $1,800 to send out sewer bills during the most recent billing cycle, Fice said.

"I think it is a really good idea, and I think it will save us some money," Fice said.

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