Two months after welcoming a new pastor, the Sayre Christian Church will soon officially install the Rev. Kevin Arensman at a special service.

The community is invited to attend the installation, to be held at 2 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 6 in the Keystone Avenue church's sanctuary. The Rev. Dr. Jack Sullivan, regional minister and president of the Christian Church in Pennsylvania, will participate, and a reception will be held at the church following the service.

Arensman and his family, including wife Shannon and dog Sandy, relocated to Sayre from Pittsburg, Kan. in late July, and began leading services at the church in August.

Arensman's installation is not a celebration of his coming to the church, but a celebration of the new relationship between him, the congregation and the community, he said. The family has received a warm welcome from congregation members, with some even driving out to Kansas - an about 1,200-mile trip - to help them move.

"There is a sense of community here," said Arensman. "We're glad to be a part of that and want to see what part we can do in enhancing that sense of community."

Arensman hopes to focus on maintaining the church's position as part of the neighborhood and enhancing the quality of life of not only congregation members, but the entire Valley community. Arensman plans to help build a community of people that encourages acceptance, love and forgiveness.

"Our call is to make this a better world for all people," he said.

Arensman believes his talents and passions, as well as those of the congregation, can be used for the community's greater good. Arensman enjoys making turnings from wood he finds during his travels and also has a passion for music, which he plans to integrate into his ministry.

Arensman looks forward to getting to know the community and meeting its needs, beginning with prayer for the neighborhood and the community.

"That's the first place we can start in making a difference," he said. "We don't know where that will lead us, but it's exciting to contemplate the possibilities."

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