The Sayre Borough council Thursday voted 5-2 to host a summer fireworks display at Riverfront Park, picking up from where the canceled Valley Fireworks left off.

The council, with Gene Osmun and JoAnn Sabatura voting no, approved a recommendation from the council's administration committee to host the display and purchase any additional insurance required by the borough's carrier.

Borough manager Dave Jarrett said he was not sure Thursday how much the additional insurance would cost. Jarrett said he received an estimate from a fireworks vendor of between $8,000 and $10,000 for the proposed half-hour-long show, planned for Aug. 24.

Jarrett has begun seeking donations from sponsors and business and individual contributions, the first - a $500 check - coming Thursday from borough solicitor Jonathan Foster. Jarrett told the council Thursday that he was "very confident" the borough would raise enough money to fund the display.

"The donations are going to come in," he said. "You will at least cover your costs."

The community was "heartbroken" when the Sayre Fire Department's Engine Company No. 1 ended its sponsorship of the Valley Fireworks this winter, citing a lack of volunteers to help run the annual display in honor of the Fourth of July, said councilman Tim Shaw.

"Everyone who's donated in the past wants it again," Shaw said. "Even though it's not the fire company, it's still for the community."

The borough's event will be a scaled-down version of the fire company's, with no refreshments, games or live music to be held in the park in conjunction with the fireworks. The cutback limits donated labor to parking assistance and the collection of admission fees, Jarrett said.

If the show is a success, Jarrett said he would be open to inviting local clubs to set up refreshment tents in the park in future years.

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