LAPORTE - Sullivan County High School students would be able to take courses offered by Bloomsburg University, under an agreement approved by the Sullivan County School Board on Tuesday.

Academically talented students would be able to take the courses either at the university, which would involve an approximately 45-minute drive for the student, or online, said Craig Skaluba, acting superintendent of the Sullivan County School District.

Students would have to take their core academic courses at Sullivan County High School, but they would be able to take Bloomsburg University courses as electives, he said.

The agreement still needs to be approved by the university, he said.

The students or their families would be responsible for paying the tuition for the courses, he said.

However, Bloomsburg University, which is part of the State System of Higher Education of Pennsylvania, would charge a deeply discounted tuition to the students.

The high school students would pay 25 percent of Bloomsburg's regular in-state tuition, the agreement states.

The Sullivan County School District also offers "dual enrollment" courses with Keystone College and Pennsylvania College of Technology, which are college-level courses taught by Sullivan County School District teachers at Sullivan County High School.

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