Vivian Kie of Troy won the marshmallow volcano building contest Tuesday at the Troy Fair.

She stacked up marshmallows in the shape of a volcano, hurrying to finish in 60 seconds.

Her prize?

A coconut bra.

It was all part of Senior Day Tuesday at the 138th Troy Fair in the Big Tent in the Lower Meadow.

"Hawaiian Luau" was theme for this year's Senior Day, which is meant to recognize and show appreciation for senior citizens, according to Jamie Hall, organizer of the festivities. She wore a beach-print dress to get everyone in the mood.

During the event, audience participation was encouraged in all the activities.

Hall said the luau celebration was chosen "because we wanted to do a beach party theme."

Mary Lou Sorensen of Waverly, N.Y. and the fair queen competed against each other in another competition, "Pineapple Express."

They "rode" on broomstick handles with pineapples placed on top, like a stick-horse.

They then raced each other, with each moving ahead a certain number of steps, following instructions by the announcer.

"It was fun, something different to get the seniors excited," she said. "It gets a smile on their faces."

There was also hula dancing with the fair queen royalty.

Joe Turk of Turk's Dairy Products, who is a vendor at the fair and provides milk for the Dairy Princess program, joined in the dancing and donned a grass skirt, at the urging of Hall.

"I usually don't dance until after 10," Turk said with a laugh.

"He is a strong fair supporter," Hall told the audience.

Everyone joined together to dance to "Surfin' USA."

Hall noted that 120 leis were given out.

There were a number of vendors at the event, providing information to senior citizens.

One of the vendors was BeST Transit, with marketing representative Ed Boardman on hand.

"This is always a great opportunity as a vendor to share information with the many seniors that come out and visit the tables," he said. "BeST Transit always looks forward to participating in Senior Day at the Troy Fair."

Charlotte McBratney of Troy was enjoying Senior Day.

"Anything that promotes senior citizens is the best," she said. "We've got a lot of life left."

She won one of the door prizes, a folding chair.

Hall noted that vendors donated items as door prizes.

The Area Agency on the Aging was educating seniors about issues relevant to them, such as benefits and rights for older Pennsylvanians, the Foster Grandparents program, and rights of nursing home residents.

"They may be surprised to know the amount of services we are able to provide at low cost or no cost," said APPRISE coordinator Hollie Irvine, who was on hand at the AAA table. She cited as an example free, unbiased Medicare information.

Two seniors, Jerry Hosey and Bob McCarrick of Elmira, N.Y., attended Senior Day.

Hosey thought it was a nice event.

"We always make it up here every year," he commented.

A mother and daughter, Geraldine Rathbun, 88, of East Troy and Imogene McNeal, 67, of Granville Summit, enjoyed watching the dancing and games.

Geraldine also liked the weather on Tuesday.

"It's cool."

On Senior Day, seniors 65 years old and older could get in free until 2 p.m.

According to Troy Fair President Cathy Jenkins, Monday's fair attendance was 3,300, which she said was slightly up.

She thought the upswing was because of people wanting to "just get out to the fair."

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Review Photo/ERIC HRIN

Review Photo/ERIC HRIN

Review Photo/ERIC HRIN