Voters will decide Tuesday whether incumbent David Gaskill or challenger Kurt Lafy wins a two-year term on Sheshequin Township's board of supervisors. The Review sent questionnaires to both candidates, but only Lafy submitted his answers by the deadline set by this newspaper. Lafy's answers are printed below.

Name: Kurt D. Lafy

Age: 60

Address: 1711 West Warner Hill Road, Sheshequin

Political party: Republican

Occupation: Secretary and Zoning Officer of Wysox Township

Education: Some college


1) Why are you seeking the office?

Plainly stated, I believe I can bring my years of knowledge of running my own business, where I employed as many as 18 men, my life's experiences and my expertise in the running a 2nd class township to Sheshequin. Our township needs qualified people in office. It needs intelligent decisions.


2) What are your credentials for being an effective representative?

I think one of my best attributes is I am unafraid. One cannot dither in public office. You must decipher the information at hand and make the best educated decision based on the facts before you. Another credential is my willingness to respectfully listen to everyone's opinion. America is diverse in thought. I welcome it.


3) If you are the incumbent, what have you done to deserve re-election?



4) If you are a challenger, what have you done to prepare for holding the office?

As there is no excuse for wasting taxpayers money, a township should be run like any business, lean. That is how I ran my own. Plus, one should understand how a 2nd class township runs. I've learned that by working for Monroeton and Wysox. Lastly, I've brought myself abreast of current township concerns.


5) What are the top three issues as you see them and what would you do about them?

I've talked to some who want paved roads. I've talked to others who want tax relief. Still others want us to save for a rainy day. Respectfully, I disagree with those points.

Job #1 is the systematic repair or replacement of any of our old infrastructure. I believe the time is now to address the township's framework. If we fail to move on issues now, they will only become more expensive later. Now, we are flush with impact fee money. Now is the time to repair and replace all that is needed. Now is when we should be moving to construct a metal building to house our expensive equipment. Now is the time to construct a new, environmentally friendly office which would use geothermal heating and cooling. The savings in heating costs alone would probably be worth a mortgage payment. Now is the time to replace old cross pipes. There is no excuse to not move in these directions.

Number two is to review our savings and how they are earmarked towards infrastructure costs. Are we setting enough money aside to repair or replace the five bridges we are responsible for? I'll strive to put a concrete savings plans in effect for this and other projects so we do not suffer a shortage when that day arrives and we have to "pay the piper". In doing so, taxes will be held down.

Roads, roads, roads! It cannot be said enough that Sheshequin needs to aggressively maintain our roads. I believe we need to empower the Roadmaster, as well as the entire full time road crew, to avail themselves of a myriad of FREE training offered by PSATS, LTAP's Roads Scholar Program, the Pennsylvania 811 program (call before you dig) and a host of others. As well, the Bradford County Conservation District,

who are considered drainage experts, will survey our roads and make recommendations on how to improve drainage - for FREE.


6) In the coming years, how would you like to see your municipality use its revenue from the impact fee on gas drilling?

The large sums Sheshequin has received should not be frittered away by "routine" purchases. As I've previously stated, we absolutely must use this money to rebuild our infrastructure in an effort to keep these coming costs off our taxpayers' backs. Wise management of these dollars will result in no tax increases in years to come.


7) What is your philosophy about taxation?

All reasonable citizens understand that taxes are a necessity. We also know that our tax money should not be wasted. I'll seek to reduce costs wherever reasonable and ensure the road department has the right education, equipment and runs smoothly. As I said before, wise management results in no tax increases.


8) How have you been campaigning?

Listening to citizens, and taking their views to heart, whenever the opportunity affords.