Sheshequin Township supervisors met Friday to begin to explore the possibility of adding a new or used dump truck to its fleet.

Supervisors met Friday afternoon with Terry Sheets of Bradco Supply Company to discuss preliminary pricing and options for a new truck. The possible truck purchase would replace an older vehicle as the main truck, but the township would retain and continue to use the existing truck, said chairman Les Wanck.

Wanck said he felt a new truck would better meet the township's requirements following conversations with Bradco representatives, township road master Boyd Shores and road crew members. It may take a while for the township to locate a used truck that meets the criteria, he said.

"There's no use spinning our wheels looking for a truck that's not going to fit our needs," Wanck said.

Wanck called Friday's meeting a starting point for supervisors to determine how to proceed with a possible purchase.

Sheets said the township may be interested in a demonstration model scheduled to be ready in the coming weeks, a Freightliner dump truck with a 10-and-a-half-foot dump body and aluminum box. The township would also be able to hook its existing plows to the truck, which Sheets estimated to cost around $127,000.

A heavier, but more durable steel box could also be added to the truck for around $1,000 more, he said.

The township could purchase a new truck and equipment under the state piggyback contract, Sheets said.

The turnaround time for a new truck, from order to delivery, would be between six and nine months.

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