A committee heading the effort to install a skate park on the Waverly Village hall property has submitted an application for a grant to help fund the proposal.

The application was mailed Monday to the Tony Hawk Foundation, which gives grants of up to $25,000 to skate park and other recreational projects in low-income communities, said Marty Borko of Waverly, who has led the effort to construct the park.

The entire cost of the project - an approximately 100-by-200-foot concrete skate park proposed to be placed on part of the village property - is estimated at about $50,000, Borko said. However, a substantial contribution from the grant program "would give us the motivation to pull it all together," he said.

The grant would be added to about $4,000 in funds raised for a skate park several years ago by Ian McNamara, a Waverly student at the time, Borko said. Those funds have been kept by the Carantouan Greenway land trust to be used specifically for that purpose, he said. The committee would continue to pursue further donations and grant opportunities to fund the remainder of the project.

A skate park would give youth an activity in the village to keep them out of trouble, and the Ithaca Street location would allow the area to be easily monitored by police, Borko said. The location "seems like a fit," he said. "We hope this will turn into a successful program for the community."

The village board of trustees gave the committee permission to pursue the project at last week's workshop meeting. The deadline to apply for the Tony Hawk Foundation grant is Jan. 31, committee member Dave Perry told trustees last week.

The group has investigated the insurance issued involved with having a skate park on village property, and reaction from neighbors of the Ithaca Street site that Perry spoke to has been positive, he said.

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