Price check please

I'm just commenting: I just attended the All Over Rome yard sales. Table after table in different locations were full of merchandise and not one thing on the tables was priced. This happens a lot at yard sales. Just a thought, if you can't take the time to mark it, usually people won't take the time to buy it, and I'm one of them.

A great sale

I just wanted to say if you missed the West Burlington Church Rummage Sale on Saturday, you missed a good sale. Everything the ladies set up was clean, and it was nicely set up. And the bake sale was wonderful. The ladies were so friendly - one of them even babysat for children so you could shop without carrying them around. They did a good job and I'll be sure to attend if they ever have another one.

Wrong birds

You have had three pictures in the paper on Page 2 - photographs of supposedly purple martins. These pictures of the birds are not purple martins, they are tree swallows. To see a lot of purple martins, go to Little Sodus Bay off of Lake Ontario. Purple martins are a much blacker bird.

Keeping score

Why does Towanda Area School District have a new score board for the baseball field in storage but does not have a faithful score board that works on the field? I'd like to know the answer to that question.

It's high time

I was wondering when they were going to fix those potholes over in the Mall in Wysox. They are really bad. Somebody is going to end up blowing their tires out! I think they should get them fixed over there.

All in favor?

They should move into the 20th Century and let the Dandy Mini Marts sell beer!


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