Problem at the top

A review, a probe of the exorbitant large excessive public pension of legislators and top state government employees would show that is where the real money problem is - not the general state employee.

Walk to a crosswalk

Jaywalking is rampantly out-of-control in downtown Towanda. It is a serious problem on Main Street between Bridge and Court streets. Every time I drive through there, individual people, and groups of two or three are darting out in front of traffic. Instead of keeping their heads in the sand, law enforcement needs to do something about this situation before a serious injury or death or other tragedy occurs. There are plenty of designated crosswalks in downtown Towanda for people to utilize. Instead of jaywalking and being lazy, go to a crosswalk. If the police gave out the $50 tickets which were enforced by the justice system, the problem would quickly be solved. Let's put our heads together and end jaywalking in downtown Towanda.

More options please

I was just wondering about recycling. I'd like to know why we don't have a place up by DuPont for Styrofoam and cardboard boxes.

Focus on taxes

Something to chew on ... chew on this: Local state legislators are giving too much emphasis worrying about all the royalty rights. They need to start concentrating on using some of the gas Impact Fee to provide some property tax relief. Sullivan County immediately granted a $100 property tax reduction with their Impact Fee to provide some property tax relief. What has Bradford County done to reduce their county taxes? Nothing. Shame on the Bradford County commissioners! When the next election comes, we drastically need a change of leadership in the top county offices.

Too many benefits

It's no wonder the school districts are in the financial trouble they are in. (I believe) they give their part time cafeteria workers and custodial workers the same benefits the teachers get. This is vacation pay, sick pay, holiday pay and health care for the whole family and most of these people only work 20 hours a week.


Care to share?

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