Fantastic show

The concert at the Troy Fair Wednesday night was over the top. It was fantastic. The best, best, best every really. The Lost Trailers were super, Big and Rich, Cowboy Troy, they were fantastic. What a full night of entertainment. Hat's off the Troy Fair board.

A taxing situation

This is about the room tax resolution the commissioners want to pass. According to the rules of room taxes, the 3 percent should be used for the promotion of tourism. Not tourism and economic development. The room tax is only collected by hotels, motels and B&B. But our commissioners want to take this 3 percent tax money and use it for tourism and economic development. If they want more economic development, then enact a tax to all businesses in Bradford County to collect and use that money to promote your economic development plan.

Shrinking royalties

I have a comment about the story in the paper yesterday about the gas. I think that's just terrible. I receive royalty checks, I know that lately they've been really dropping. That's just not fair. They should back pay all our royalties. And I think there ought to be a petition to fight it. That be like getting hired for a $10 an hour and then when you receive a paycheck, you were paid minimum wage. Chesapeake has themselves in a bind, and that's their problem, they bit off more than they can chew, and they're taking it out on us landowners. I think they maybe they ought to get another job. And they should be paying us our money, which we are entitled to.

Good job

I'd like to thank PennDOT for coming out here on the Marsh Road and doing what they did, to get this high grass down. Thanks again, PennDOT, good job, thank you.

Look here

To the person who was talking about too many benefits and working in school cafeteria and not getting any. She needs to check with the Athens area school system or the Sayre area school system. As per their union contract, the cafeteria workers working 20 hours a week, and sick leave, vacation pay, and themselves and their families earned health benefits. And that came from one of the members of the school board. So that's the school she needs to be working in.

Another good job

I would like to send out a big thank you to the PenElec crews who came out last night and repaired our power lines on Patton Hill Road. They showed up within a half-an-hour of when we called it in, and worked through difficult conditions and our power was restored in about 4 hours. Very much appreciated it.

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