We need the garage

People are complaining about the parking garage being planned in Towanda. Apparently they don't come to town and try to find parking too often. I think it will be a big asset to the borough and hopefully bring more people in to town to shop, eat, etc.

Stop complaining

I'm calling about two things that were in the paper. One, the lady that mentioned how we use up the money we paid into Social Security in three to four years - which is true. If we live any length of time we get a lot more back than we paid in. But also, in regards to the other day, someone called in and asked about help with property tax. Where have they been all this time? We got help through the Homestead Act. And even now, according to our income, we can still get help with our property taxes. And as far as that goes, they complain about the wages and so forth, do they ever stop to think that years ago when they were raising a family, paying a mortgage or whatever, they did need more money. But now, senior citizens, we shouldn't complain. We should be glad that things are as good as they are. Some people just like to complain. They don't think they are ever well off.

Concert was great

Thank you for all your help ... due to that, the concert on the Green in East Smithfield Saturday, the blue grass one, was a huge success. We had about 300 people, beautiful weather and a real nice time. We have them (the Farmhands) signed up for next year.

Better use for money

The Veteran's Memorial Park Association should not be asking local government, townships, etc. for Impact Fee money to help realize its goals. The original intent was the Veteran's Memorial Park would be built on grants and private donations, not donations from local government. Local government needs its money to build its roads, plow the snow, etc. There are better uses for township money than providing it for Veteran's Memorial Park.

A little more please

I just wanted to say thank you so much for having the Northern Tier Real Estate sign moved at the business in Columbia Cross Roads that was blocking the view. But, it could still stand to be pushed back in a little further, maybe another 6 to 8 inches - it is still somewhat obstructing a clear view.

Keep the money here

I think the people who are critical of our county commissioners and the room tax fee should take a look at the whole picture. Since 2006, $1,530,000 of taxpayer money has been given to the Endless Mountains Tourism Bureau - money that could benefit taxpayers that is given to a group outside the county. I don't think that's a good use of our money at all. I believe that money should stay in Bradford County and I commend our commissioners for looking into this and trying to find out a way for that money to benefit us.

'Local' produce?

I'm calling about the farmers markets in the area - I go to Howard Elmer Park and others. I see people there not selling local produce. I see them selling produce from the auction houses in Lancaster and also from New York State, up around the Great Lakes. These are not locally home-grown products. They are selling stuff that is not even in season here. It's not fair to the local farmers that they come in and say it's "local" produce.

Spielberg rocks

I would like to congratulate the Keystone Theatre staff for the great job they did last week with the Spielberg Movie Festival. The movies: E.T., Jurassic Park, Jaws and Raiders of the Lost Ark rocked. These movies were better than any of the movies that were out this summer. The colors were even more vivid. Bring on more old movies for the big screen!

Leading the fight

I think it's ironic that the only commissioner who voted against room tax originally, Doug McLinko, is now the one leading the fight to bring the room tax money to Bradford County.

Against the garage

The parking garage in Towanda - what a waste. You don't have that many cars in Towanda in a whole week, let alone every single day. Find a better way to spend that money. People work hard for the money, even when you get a grant.

Address is wrong

Congratulations to the Blast Unit 17 for their half-page ad in the Aug. 1 Daily Review listing all area school districts they serve. But newsflash, the Athens School District office is not at 204 Willow St. in Athens. It has not been there for several years - the property was sold two or three years ago and the building was torn down early this year. Several of us told Blast and the school district last year that the same ad was wrong. Apparently we need to hire a few more high paid school and state officials so we can hope for a correction by next year.


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