Loving Towanda

Hooray for Towanda! The fireworks were wonderful at Riverfest. Ike Bowers and the line dancers and the other entertainment were terrific. Hooray for Towanda! I'm so glad I live in this small town!

Right on the mark

"Because of the benefits" in Saturday's Sound Off hit the nail on the head! Why are we so concerned about school district employees and especially teachers/administrators' salaries and benefits? Because we pay them and in many cases they are much higher than our own. And how many months a year do the school employees work?

Fewer places to shop

I don't understand why a parking garage is really needed in Towanda. Certainly not for shoppers because there's no place to shop any more. The stores are mostly all gone.

Features encourage staying local

I too enjoy the newspaper highlighting local businesses and restaurants. This encourages local people to stay more in Bradford County and explore the nearby stores and eateries rather than driving to other counties to shop and eat. It would be neat if all the stories were gathered up and published together in a special supplement.

Thanks to Wysox Twp.

I just want to give kudos to the Wysox Twp. supervisors on the very nice trim job they did on Fall Run Road. We can now see going in both directions. Thank you very much, it was a great job!

Probably true

Is social media the reason less people put their wedding pictures in the paper? I can't remember the last time I saw one.

Don't judge ...

To the person who said Robin Williams was a coward - shame on you. How do you think that statement would make his family feel? Depression is a medical condition that can reveal such a helpless, hopeless feeling and it's a feeling they believe no one can possibly understand or help them. Walk a mile in someone else's shoes before judging others!

... Or label

I just want to respond to "Cowardly Choice." Although I don't think Robin Williams did the right thing by committing suicide, that doesn't mean he was a coward, it means he really needed help. He was a good actor. It's wrong to label people without knowing what goes on in other people's minds and lives.

... Or condemn others

As I understand it, every teenager, man or woman who commits suicide is a coward. What a "compassionate" person you are. No one truly understands another person's pain, depression, terminal illness and how it wears them down. So unless you knew Robin Williams personally and what he was going through, keep your negative thoughts to yourself. He is in God's hands. No one has the right to condemn him or any other person who commits suicide. Just be there for their family.

Not entertaining

Are people getting dumber or it just me? I can't see where that Ice Bucket Challenge is entertainment. And that Tomato Festival in Pittston - was it fun or just a big mess to clean up? I'm sure that a lot of those tomatoes were salvageable. If you want to give to those causes, why not just do it? That's what I do. People will wonder if Americans are sane!

Nice time in North Orwell

I'm just calling to say what a wonderful day we had in North Orwell at our Old Home Day celebration. And, I'd like to thank The Daily Review for the wonderful story they did for us. It brought a great crowd.


Care to share?

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