Thank you

I would like to put a special thank you to the lady who found my dog on Wednesday night, behind the courthouse. She was walking down the parkway. He's 15 years old, and I couldn't find him. She took the time out of her busy schedule to grab the dog, get the number give me a call and hold him until I got there. I really appreciate it, not too many people like that any more. Thanks.

Sympathy for the emergency responders

I feel really bad for our firemen, our police departments, our paramedics that have to treat these strung-out drug addicts throughout Bradford County. Those guys put their life on the line every day, and those drug addicts could care less. Wish we could do more to stop them.

Why no movies?

I was wondering why all summer there have been no movies for the children for the summer activities or anything. Seems like for summer time, they would have had the movies for the children to see them.

Better police patrol needed

I would like to have better police patrol of the one-way streets in Troy Borough, such as Center Street and King Street, so that residents don't go the wrong way on the street. There's going to be an accident one of these times. Residents are paying attention better and it would be greatly appreciated if someone would pay attention to it.

Open debate

In regards to the Aug. 9 item "Keep it private" in Sound Off, let's know, policemen, firemen, athletes, coaches, actors, restaurant waiters and waitresses, and theater workers are all people who work directly with the community. They are like family. In an open society, people should not keep harassment and wrong-doing quiet. An open civil debate is good for society. It would not be human to act like these people were irrelevant when suddenly they disappear from their position of community service. So let the debate continue until justice and respect is provided.

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