Button, button ...

I read an article in your paper a few days ago about people being upset that there's jaywalking going on Main Street in Towanda. I had an experience Wednesday with my three grandchildren, we were standing at the Main Street button, and we pressed it a couple of times. And the whole cycle went through three different times and we weren't able to cross. So we finally walked half-way down the block and went across Main Street which isn't something I wanted to do with three children. But then, last night, on ABC World News, there was an article on there that said in one of their segments that in a lot of American cities and small towns those buttons have been disabled so that it doesn't disrupt the traffic flow.


I was shocked to read the paper today to see that Margie Ross was let go from the Sayre Theatre. I can't believe that they would let a woman like her go. She has done so much for the community and raised so much money and done such wonderful things, I don't know how this could happen. Hopefully, it will be resolved soon and get her back to her job.

We'll miss you Margie

Everyone is going to be missing Margie Ross at the Sayre Theatre. She was loved by everyone.

No end in sight

I'm 84 and seem to be drowning in county, township, and school taxes. They go up, up, up, every year. My savings account has went down, down, down and it's now empty. I'm having trouble keeping above water to keep all my utilities paid. I'm too old to go out and try to go back to work. Though I worked hard most of my life for little pay. Somebody help us old people.

Another white elephant

We too, like the couple who have the travel trailer, the white elephant, in the Aug. 2 edition, to have a large travel trailer that we found is very difficult to use, takes up a lot of space at our home. We only go camping with it four or five times a year. And we advise anyone considering buying a large travel trailer to rent, not buy. Otherwise you too will have a big white elephant.

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