Good job

Bravo! Bravo! What a wonderful performance - The concert that was put on recently by the Towanda Musical Society at the Presbyterian Church. The work of Hanako Henty and Sarah Polinski was just outstanding. We're so lucky to have such wonderful, talented young women in Bradford County. Keep up the good work.

Young and old share difficulty

School and property taxes are not only too high for the elderly, but young families too. I'm a single dad with three children, ages 6, 4 and 2. Since my wife passed away, it's been extremely difficult clothing and feeding a family of four on only one income. I love my kids - I call them my little ragdolls. But legislators, something needs to be done about these taxes families must pay.

Keep it private

I'm calling about the theatre debate that is going on in Bradford County. We're really lucky to have three wonderful theatres. I myself support them. It takes a whole community and a team to make each one work. I think what's going on should be private and not in the paper.

Ya'll come out now

I'd like to mention there's going to be another concert coming up on Saturday (tonight) at the East Smithfield Green in East Smithfield, Pa. The Federated Church is sponsoring. We have a fantastic bluegrass gospel group called the Farmhands. It starts at 6 p.m. We had 250 come to that concert last year - hope to see lots more than that! It's a very talented group!

Old-time fun

What a delightful, fun event the old time picnic celebration was the evening of Aug. 6, with perfect weather. Activities ranged from old-time music at the bandstand to decorating a large Van Gogh art masterpiece. Wandering characters delighted the children. Happy birthday Sayre Theatre.

It's the law

I'm responding in regards to pulling out when coming from the Towne Centre and turning right. I agree with the person who says it's the law. I want to tell the person who says not to stop, you need to stop if there is oncoming traffic. You are supposed to yield to oncoming traffic when there is a yield sign - that is what prevents accidents. People scare me to death when they don't stop.


There is a phone scam going around. A man with a thick foreign accent calls, stating he is an agent of the IRS and saying he has a warrant for your arrest. He throws out a series of form numbers and keeps repeating that you are in a lot of trouble -- unless you cooperate and "settle" the account right then for a specified fee. Please be careful and don't give any information to anyone over the phone!


Care to share?

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