Kittens now safe

July 25, around 9:30, I rescue two young kittens off of the concrete barrier on (Route 187) south, the bridge. To the person who put two dear kittens up there, you will answer to God. To all the other people in front of me, and behind me, who drove past, and totally ignored them, shame on you. I turned around, I got them, they are now in a good home with me, they're still a little scared and traumatized. But don't turn the other cheek. If you do not want an animal, don't get one. If you have one, spayed and neuter it. But dumping defenseless animals off is not the answer. It does not make you human.

Try to keep the pool open

It's too bad the Mt. Pisgah State Park pool is closing so early, Aug. 18. There are so little public pools in the county for the people to enjoy. Perhaps some of the college life guards may be returning to school, but you would think the state could find some local high school students with life guard training that could keep the pool open until Labor Day. It's so tragic, we put so much money into these facilities and they're closed so untimely. Let's work to find somebody to keep the pool open through the Labor Day weekend.


My first and last trip to the Troy Fair, I'm glad myself and my family ate before we got there. Those food prices are outrageous. Unbelievable.

Royalty money

I would also like to know where all the royalty money is going in regards to the schools. Not just in Wyalusing, but all over here in Bradford County. I would like to see it printed in the paper, not just be told "If you want to know, come to a meeting." I think it should be printed for everyone to be able to read and see where it's going.

Wasting money

I agree with the item regarding wasting money at the Bradford County Airport. Because it is located in the Flood Zone, more money is wasted on fence repair and various clean-up, each time it floods.


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