Members of the South Waverly Borough Council discussed Monday the possibility of replacing the heating system in the borough hall.

One of the radiators in the hall's upper floor has a minimal leak, said Councilman Leo Bentley, and officials fear that the other parts of the aging heating system - eight radiators in all upstairs - will soon follow. Each radiator would cost about $3,000 to replace, but Bentley said he feared the entire system would fail in the future.

Bentley said he expected to have a written quote to present to the board in the near future and said a local plumbing and heating contractor told him it would cost about $18,000 to install a more modern and efficient heating and air conditioning system in the borough hall.

"We definitely need to be looking at a more modern heat system," said council President Lance Bentley.

Council members also recently met with representatives of the Bradford County Conservation District to discuss possible solutions to an erosion problem along the banks of Dry Brook Creek.

Borough officials would need to seek permission from each property owner that the creek runs through in order to be able to do work in the creek, Bentley said. Furthermore, no funds are readily available to dredge the creek or add material to its banks.

Removing a few trees close to the creek will only cause further erosion, and conservation officials advised against dredging the creek, Bentley said.

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