TOWANDA - The school year got off to a very smooth start on Wednesday at St. Agnes School in Towanda, the school principal said.

"I'm very pleased" about how the start of school went, Principal Sandra Kasenga said late Wednesday morning, the first day of school. "I've seen a lot of smiling and happy faces this morning."

A total of 125 students are enrolled in St. Agnes School this year, up slightly from the enrollment numbers in recent years, she said.

The increased enrollment "is good for us," she added.

The school serves students in grades K to 6, and also has pre-kindergarten programs for 3-year-olds and 4-year-olds.

The school has one new teacher this year, Hannah Deacon of Towanda, who will teach kindergarten. The previous kindergarten teacher, Cheryl Snyder has moved to the third grade classroom to replace a teacher who retired.

The school is looking into acquiring Nearpod software, "which allows for a lot of interaction between teachers and students," Kasenga said.

A teacher could use Nearpod, for example, to wirelessly download material onto the students' computer tablets that they would review for a test, she said.

If the students took a multiple-choice quiz on their tablets, the teacher would be able to use Nearpod to view whether each child answered the questions correctly or incorrectly, Kasenga said.

Teachers at the school who have received training in Nearpod "really enjoyed it," Kasenga said.

The school has enough tablets for each student to use, or to at least share with another student, she said.

When asked whether St. Agnes School students would be participating in the Towanda School District's new ThinkSTEM program, Kasenga said: "I haven't gotten any information about that yet."

However, St. Agnes students did have the opportunity to participate in the ThinkSTEM program when it was located in the Sheshequin-Ulster Elementary School, she said.

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