TROY - The state police work hard to make the community safer, and now they've found another way to accomplish this goal.

Several representatives of the state police will take part in a "Faculty vs. State Police Basketball Game" that will be held at 8 p.m. May 9 at the Commons Building in Troy, with all proceeds going toward increasing school security in the Troy Area School District.

The state police team includes Dan Denucci, Wayne Dunkling, Jim Kerrick, Nick Madigan, Tyler Morse, Steve Moyemont, Bryon Musick, Terry Seal, Greg Vaughn and Rob Wolbert.

Steve Brion, Ché Regina, Jen Judson, Neil Colton, Christine Woodward, Steve Renzi, Stacey Hussmann, Mark Rockwell, Laura Taylor, Jason Gee, Caitrin Stroup, Nate Mewhort, Nicole Imbt, and Seth Grantier, meanwhile, are on the faculty team.

Troy Area School District Athletic Director, Development Director, and Elementary Assistant Principal Ché Regina, said, "I cannot tell you how excited I am for May 9 and how grateful we are that the State Police are partnering with us to make this district a safer place."

He noted how the proceeds will help the district in its effort to make the district safer for students.

"The district has many needs to increase security efforts, although our financial situation limits what we can do," he said. "We are simply looking to begin a fund that would help allow buildings within our district to improve the security that is already in place, or potentially fund new projects in the future."

"Keeping our students safe is something we feel is of the utmost importance," he continued. "We will continue to take every opportunity possible to improve our facilities to keep them safe, and this event is just one way we are hoping to help fund this initiative."

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