Steve Brion, principal at W.R. Croman Primary School in Troy, said there was "not a snafu anywhere" on the first day of school Wednesday.

"It was a smooth opening," he said.

Brion was working in the office at Croman, where a bulletin board was decorated with little owls, with the message that "W.R. Croman is Owlsome."

In addition, district superintendent W. Charles Young said things went well district-wide, at all schools.

"It was a good opening, and we're off and running," he commented.

Earlier in the day, Young had stopped by Croman and observed.

He said it was "a great day" at the school.

"They're just so excited," he said of the students.

One of the improvements at Croman this year - and in the district, for that matter - was the result of a recent project to redo the driveway and the parking lots at the school.

According to Young, the drainage system on the lots and driveway was not functioning properly, and there was a lot of ice build-up at the end of the drive and onto Route 14 every winter.

He said the project was designed to "completely redirect the flow of water in the lots and driveway to a better designed collection system."

The $258,269 project was approved at the June school board meeting.

On Wednesday, district maintenance director David Blair said he didn't hear anything negative about the work.

He said the true test was going to be when it rains and the water gets flowing - especially in cold weather.

Blair said it was "so far, so good."

"I'm pretty sure we're going to be in good shape," he said.

Echoing the superintendent's comments, Blair said that district-wide, at all the schools, "everything went pretty well. It was one of our smoother openings, I would say."

Also, some new teachers were on the job at Croman for the first day of school: Lacy Young, in kindergarten; Jill Hoffmann, in second grade; and Malori McNett, in second grade.

"They seemed to be doing what they need to be doing, they seemed to be doing well," Young commented.

"I love it," said Lacy Young of her first day teaching. "It's a great building to be in. I have a great class of hardworking kids."

To introduce herself to the students, she brought a book with information about herself. She wrote that she loves animals and grew up on a farm in the Wellsboro area.

Brion, meanwhile, said the school will continue to focus on its "Every Child, Every Day" approach.

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