Cartoonist Bill Bettwy is looking forward to the upcoming release of his comic strip creation, "Take it from the Tinkersons." The comic is scheduled to be published beginning April 1.

Bettwy began making cartoons "many moons ago" when he was in high school. During that time, he came to the conclusion that making cartoons is what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

Thirty years ago Bettwy began working for Monteiro Rose Agency where he produced character design and development for Sony Wonder and Mattel Interactive. Over the years, Bettwy realized he strayed from his initial goal of telling stories through comics.

In 2008, he began producing editorial cartoons for his local newspaper, the Altoona Mirror. Some of the cartoons he created were picked up by the Philadelphia Daily News as well.

However, Bettwy had yet to find a steady gig. In 2010 a submission to King Features Syndicate, an internationally known company which reaches approximately 5000 newspapers worldwide, produced a call from Editor Brendan Burford. "Take it from the Tinkersons" came to life.

Bettwy will draw from his years of marriage, experience with his children and some bad decisions he has made in life to generate material for the up and coming comic strip.

When not working on his cartoon ambitions, Bettwy is the Director of Mascot and Brand Development for the Altoona Curve, a minor league baseball team affiliated with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

He also enjoys spending time with his wife, twin sons and daughter who will each play a role in inspiring some content appearing in the cartoon.

Expect "Take it from the Tinkersons" to begin appearing six days a week in The Daily Review in early April.

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