On Tuesday, voters will decide whether Deanna Wells or Paul Tuttle will win a six-year township supervisor position in Terry Township. The Review sent questionnaires to both candidates, but only Wells answered the questionnaire. Wells' answers are printed below.

Name: Deanna Wells

Age: Not provided

Address: Wyalusing, Pa.

Office sought: Terry Township Supervisor

Political party: Democratic Party

Occupation: Retired

Education: BA Geology

1. Why are you seeking the office?

I am seeking the office of township supervisor because I have a great interest in serving my community and the people that live there.

2. What are your credentials for being an effective representative?

I have more than 17 years in general management and operations experience in the non-profit sector. Extensive experience in managing membership development; training design and delivery; program design and delivery; fund development; product sales; grant and property management; managing volunteer and paid staff; policy and operational administration; and community relations.

3. If you are the incumbent, what have you done to deserve re-election?


4. If you are a challenger, what have you done to prepare for holding the office?

I have attended the township meetings since locating to the area and I have talked with many of the residents in the community and listened to their concerns regarding the conditions of the roads, natural gas drilling, changes to the environment and the general effect on trying to maintain the quality of life in the area.

5. What are the top three issues as you see them and what would you do about them?

Three of the top issues as I see are maintaining quality conditions of the roads, the health and safety of the residents in Terry Township and preserving the environment in the area.

6. In the coming years, how would you like to see your municipality use its revenue from the impact fee on gas drilling?

I would like the township to be good fiduciaries with the revenue from the impact fee. The roads need to be maintained as well as the equipment used to maintain them. But the township needs to be prudent with the funds for future years. Because of the shifting economy it is wise to invest carefully and keep funds for maintenance and emergencies.

7. What is your philosophy about taxation?

Before new taxes are levied on our population, state and municipals finances need to be under control and sustainable without a tax increase. We have an economy that has put a financial burden on our working families and our aging population.

8. How have you been campaigning?

I have spent time in my community personally talking to voters on a one to one basis and listening to their concerns.