TROY - Three people face preliminary hearings Sept. 10 before Magisterial District Judge Jonathan Wilcox of Troy on drug paraphernalia charges related to a Feb. 15 incident on Sugar Maple Lane in Troy Township, according to court papers.

Police said a woman involved in the approximately 10:08 p.m. incident appeared to be in distress, and had to be administered medication.

The papers note that the woman, Charlotte Evelyn Rims, 26, of Westfield, Pa. is charged with using, or possessing with the intent to use, drug paraphernalia, namely seven hypodermic syringes; a silver metal spoon with a black/silver handle, with burnt residue; a silver plastic spoon with white powder residue; and an orange pill bottle containing wet, crushed white residue. The charge is a misdemeanor.

In addition, Robert P. Aldrich, 35, of Sugar Maple Lane, Troy, and Raymond Alan Gigee, 35, of Knoxville, Pa. also face this same charge. Gigee is also charged with knowingly or intentionally possessing a controlled or counterfeit substance, which was not obtained directly from, or pursuant to, a valid prescription order or order of a practitioner.

In an affidavit, Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Michael Tribendis noted that Gigee and Rims were visiting Aldrich at his residence, at the time of the incident.

Tribendis said he was dispatched to the area of Aldrich's residence on Sugar Maple Lane for a report of a vehicle in a snow bank, and went to make contact with the vehicle owner.

Tribendis said that he knocked on a trailer door, and saw two men inside, but did not get a response from them. So, he knocked on the door again, but still didn't get a response.

Then, Tribendis looked in the window and saw a woman, later identified as Rims, who appeared to be unconscious on the kitchen floor. He knocked again, and announced the presence of the Pennsylvania State Police, but still didn't get a response. Then, he saw a man, later identified as Gigee, grab Rims by the arms, and pull her into the living room. Tribendis ordered Gigee to leave Rims, and Gigee finally opened the door.

Then, Tribendis noticed that Gigee had white powder in and around his right nostril and upper lip area. Tribendis asked what it was, and Gigee said that he was a drywaller and it was sheetrock residue.

Tribendis went to Rims and tried to wake her. However, she would not wake up and appeared to be in distress. Tribendis called for paramedics to come to the scene. He asked Gigee and Aldrich what Rims might have ingested. They said they didn't know what she took. Then, Tribendis looked in the kitchen and saw a spoon on the counter that was bent and a white powdery substance on the counter, in the area of the spoon and in the kitchen sink. Also, he saw an orange pill bottle, with white pieces inside, along with a liquid substance. In addition, he saw a chewed-up end cap to what he believed was a hypodermic needle.

Western Alliance EMS arrived to render medical aid on Rims, and paramedics injected Narcan, which Tribendis noted is administered to reverse the effects of a narcotic overdose. He said the first injection did not work, and paramedics then injected Rims with another dose and she started to respond to the medication. Gigee and Aldrich again said they didn't see what Rims ingested.

Then, Tribendis checked the garbage can and saw several hypodermic needles and opened/empty Fentanyl patch packages.

Also, as EMS was preparing Rims for transport, Tribendis saw a coat at the front door area, and asked Gigee if the coat belonged to Rims. Gigee said it wasn't her coat. Then, Tribendis saw a plastic baggie sticking out of the coat pocket. He looked in the pocket and saw two white pills. He pulled the baggie out and saw two white rectangle pills with markings. Gigee said the coat was his. Tribendis asked him whose pills were in the baggie, but Gigee said he didn't know. According to Tribendis, the two white pills were sent to the Wyoming Regional Laboratory for identification, and the results showed that both pills are Alprazolam, a schedule IV drug. He said no one at the scene was able to claim the pills.

Wilcox said all three defendants were sent a summons by certified mail.

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