The Tioga Center Fire Department received grants from Mildred Faulkner Truman Foundation in the amount of $24,240. These generous grants will be used to buy equipment needed to upgrade the Tioga Center ambulances to Advanced Life Support.

Currently, the Tioga Fire District ambulance service is certified to the BLS (Basic Life Support) level of support to our community. This means they are required to call for an ALS (Advanced Life Support) assist any time their calls meet the following conditions: cardiac arrest, chest pain, stroke, respiratory arrest, respiratory distress, overdose, unconscious or altered mental status, allergic reactions, diabetic, serious trauma, abdominal pain, or any other condition which the 911 dispatcher deems an als unit is necessary.

Tioga Center's patients are treated and transported free of charge. When they have an ALS provider on board from another agency, the ALS agency can bill the patient for their services.

Tioga Center can provide advanced pre-hospital care in a more timely manner, at no charge to the patients, by becoming their own ALS agency. Tioga Center now has four volunteers that have been certified by the N.Y. State Department of Health as Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians Critical Care, and able to provide patient care at the ALS level of pre-hospital care.

Tioga Center Fire Department now needs to equip their ambulances with the required medical equipment as set forth by the DOH. This includes heart monitors, intubation equipment, IV kits, medications and solutions, and other such supplies. After their ambulances are equipped, they can certify them with the DOH to provide ALS services to not only the Tioga Center community, but also to surrounding communities such as Owego, Nichols, Barton, and anyone else who may call for assistance.

The Tioga Center Fire Department feels this will greatly enhance their medical services and support to the community, and provide the highest level of pre-hospital care to patients.

The Tioga Fire District appreciates the financial assistance provided by the Mildred Faulkner Truman Foundation in making this upgrade possible.

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