ALBANY TOWNSHIP - A storm Tuesday evening in Bradford County spawned at least one tornado and left thousands of local residents without power.

Steve Grazaitis, a trained spotter for the National Weather Service, said a tornado destroyed a mobile home at 3465 Marsh Road in Albany Township, Bradford County, and demolished a barn on the property.

After assessing the damage, he said it was an EF-0 tornado, the weakest class of tornadoes, with winds of 95 to 110 m.p.h.

"It wasn't all that big, but it was big enough to cause some problems," said Karl Heath, a neighbor who said he saw the twister.

Heath said he was cleaning his attic, when a window in the attic was "sucked out."

He said he looked through the window and saw the twister strike the barn on the Gerard McKernan property at 3465 Marsh Road.

There was "all kinds of dust and stuff flying" when it hit the barn, he said.

McKernan's wife, Paula, said she looked out a window in her home and saw a garbage can, which had been next to her home, "in a swirl" in the air. The tornado deposited the garbage can at the far side of her yard, she said.

Gerard McKernan said the tornado picked up a mobile home on his property and slammed it against a tree.

"I can't believe it moved the trailer like that," Paula McKernan said.

No one was living in the trailer, Gerard McKernan said.

He said no one was injured when the tornado touched down.

He said the tornado blew out three windows in his home, knocked down the top of his chimney, damaged his roof, and damaged his 2013 Jeep Patriot.

Jody Place, area manager for Penelec, said the storm Tuesday evening caused power outages throughout Bradford County, knocking out power to about 5,000 customers in the county.

Another 1,300 customers in Sullivan County were without power, too, she said.

She said she did not know yet when power would be restored.

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