A boil-water advisory issued Sunday by the Towanda Municipal Authority remains in effect today and will likely not be retracted until Tuesday, TMA Superintendent Fred Johnson said.

Johnson said a low pressure warning was found for a reservoir located between State Route 220 and the Elks Lodge on South Main Street, forcing the authority to issue the advisory.

Johnson said the advisory is purely "precautionary" and that there is no reason to believe the water is toxic or infected.

The problem, which Johnson described as a computer glitch, was already fixed by Sunday evening and no physical repairs were conducted on the reservoir, he said.

The telemetry system that failed is responsible for keeping reservoir levels within acceptable ranges. When fluid levels drop in a reservoir, the telemetry system commands wells to start pumping water. It is also responsible for commanding wells to stop operating when reservoirs fill up, Johnson explained.

The holding tank is currently in the process of being refilled by wells in the area, a process which should be completed by Monday. The municipal authority will then take samples from the reservoir and should have test results back by Tuesday morning, which will allow the advisory to be removed, Johnson said. He explained that it is highly unlikely the test results, which look for bacterial abnormalities, will come back as unsatisfactory.

Some residents with homes in higher elevation areas may have experienced a drop in water pressure, he said.

Johnson estimated that between 500 and 1000 people in the North Towanda, Towanda and Wysox area are affected by the boil water advisory, which has been placed on all customers of the Towanda Water System.

He said water only needs to be boiled if it is being used for cooking or consumption, and recommended bringing the liquid to a rolling boil for two minutes prior to drinking it.

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