The Towanda Travel Group is currently gauging interest for a multitude of trips planned for the 2013 year.

Ruth Ann Cleveland and Marguerite Shaner, the organizers of the group, are trying to "get seniors out and give them something to look forward to," according to Cleveland.

The group is centered around giving the senior citizens of Bradford County an affordable way to go on vacations scheduled throughout the year. The majority of the vacations being offered are bus trips with competitive pricing. The rates include bus fare, bus driver gratuity, and tour guide gratuity.

The itineraries on each trip are full of tours of museums and landmarks, entertainment shows, and various other activities aimed to keep participants active.

"We work with senior groups to try and draw people out and keep them moving," Cleveland explained.

The group organizes the trips through AARP, and also various senior groups throughout Bradford County.

This summer, from June 16 to June 22, the group will be in Nashville, Tennessee enjoying the southern air.

"We have so much planned for Nashville," Cleveland said.

Included in the trip are a guided tour of Nashville, a trip to the country music hall of fame, a tour of the Grand Ole Opry, among various other events.

The bus trip to Nashville will more than likely have between 30 and 50 people on it, allowing for a very social environment, Cleveland said.

A trip to Boston is planned for the middle of September, and an Alaskan cruise is currently being considered a possibility for the beginning of August.

Cleveland explained that the group is "all volunteer," and that she does it simply because she feels it is important for seniors to stay active after retirement.

Cleveland noted that the group offers great rates because, "People are savvy, the know how much these vacations should cost and if you don't offer bang for the buck, they won't be coming."

"The Boston trip is going to end up costing under $100 per day, which is a really great deal anytime we can offer that," she said.

When planning for the trips, Cleveland said she spends time making sure that the destination will be enjoyable to the fullest extent.

"I always try to plan trips not only thinking about how crowded it will be, but also that the time of year will be enjoyable for those going. Boston in the fall is going to be beautiful, and Nashville in the summer will be at just the right time for everyone to enjoy the flowers," she said.

For more detailed information on trips offered this year, contact Ruth Ann Cleveland at (570) 265-2581 or Marguerite Shaner at (570) 265-5960.

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