Concert draws large crowd

TROY - Trace Adkins kept the country hits coming for an appreciative audience Wednesday night at the Troy Fair.

Taking the stage in front of the grandstand at Alparon Park, Adkins performed familiar tunes like "Swing Batter Swing," "Marry for Money," and "Hillbilly Bone."

The tall singer was dressed in a black cowboy hat, blue jeans, a dark-colored v-neck T-shirt, and a black jacket with stars on the sleeves and a skull print on the back.

Troy Mayor Mike Powers introduced Adkins as "one of the hardest working country stars" and one of the greatest stars ever to hit the stage in Troy. Powers also acknowledged Adkins' win on "Celebrity Apprentice."

In addition, Powers, a veteran, said Adkins has "done more for the Wounded Warrior Project than any other artist out there."

Troy Fair President Cathy Jenkins said that from 2,700 to 2,800 tickets were estimated to have been sold for the show. The venue at the fair can hold 3,000 comfortably, according to fair ticket administrator Debi Hulslander.

Jenkins said the Adkins show was therefore one of the more popular ones in the fair's history.

"I think it's one of the most talked about shows we've had," said Jon Jenkins, who is a fair board director.

"It's pretty neat for a rural town to get someone like him. He's a big-time star for Troy."

"I'm honored," Adkins said, when asked for comment by The Daily Review about the attendance. He was posing for pictures with some fans backstage before the show.

Adkins said that, at one point, his fan club had more members, per capita, from Pennsylvania than any other state in the country.

"Pennsylvania has always been a really good state for us, and we've always loved coming here," he said.

Concerning his support for the Wounded Warrior Project, Adkins said, "my association with the Wounded Warrior Project has been one of the most fulfilling things that I've had an opportunity to do in my career."

A concert-goer, Dale Davidson of Monroeton, won the Trace Adkins signed guitar.

He said it was first time he has ever won anything.

"I'm real excited," he said. He planned on playing the guitar a little bit.

Cathy Jenkins confirmed that an Adkins look-alike was walking around the fair earlier in the day, posing for photographs with fairgoers and vendors.

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