According to state police, the operators of a 74-car freight train that struck a stranded vehicle at a train crossing on Bridge Street in Ulster, Saturday, are not at fault. The train, owned by Lehigh Railway, measured approximately 3,100 feet in length and weighed over 9,000 tons when it hit an illegally parked car, pushing it about 250 feet down the line before stopping. The train was traveling south when it hit the vehicle. The incident caused Bridge Street to be closed for about 20 to 30 minutes before the train was reversed to allow traffic to pass.

The impact between the train and unoccupied 2008 Chevrolet Impala happened at about 11:50 a.m. on Saturday, police said.

"The crash was a result of (the car) being illegally parked upon a railroad crossing," a crash report stated.

No one involved in the incident was injured, and the train proceeded on route after the vehicle was towed from the scene.

Police said the female driver of the Impala became stuck off the shoulder of the roadway on the train tracks.

Assistant Chief Josh Gardner of the Ulster-Sheshequin Fire Association said he heard a train approaching the stranded vehicle giving long horn blasts that turned into one long blare as the train got closer. He reported two operators were in the train at the time of the accident.

Railroad officials conducted an on-scene investigation and determined there was no damage to the track from the incident, Gardner said.

The driver of the vehicle, who police did not identify in a public information report, is listed as having violated a summary parking offense, but also states the motorist was not charged.

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