HARRISBURG - Nick Troiano, an independent, citizen-funded candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives from Pennsylvania's 10th District, on Wednesday submitted 7,053 signatures from registered voters to the Bureau of Elections in order to secure his name on the general election ballot this November.

The signature turn-in marked the culmination of a month-long "Back to the Future" tour in which Troiano visited each of the district's 15 counties, including Bradford and Sullivan.

Pennsylvania law required Troiano to collect at least 3,592 signatures by Aug. 1, more than three and a half times the amount required by the Democratic or Republican candidate. Upon official certification, Troiano will become the first-ever independent congressional candidate to gain access to the ballot in the 10th District and the only independent candidate on the ballot in Pennsylvania this election cycle.

"Achieving this significant milestone demonstrates why I believe our campaign will ultimately be successful on Election Day," Troiano told supporters at an announcement made on the steps of the state Capitol.

"We are building an unprecedented and unwavering coalition of voters of all generations, locations and political persuasions who are sick of politics-as-usual and are ready to support a truly independent leader who can help break the partisan gridlock and special interest corruption in Washington."

A team of over 40 volunteers from across the district collected the signatures over the past four months. Volunteers ranged in age from 18 to 93 and included Democrats, Republicans and independents. Signers came from each of the 15 counties in the district.

"This is the first campaign that I ever decided was worth my time and energy to get behind," said volunteer petition circulator Jerry Kairnes of Cogan Station at the announcement. "Nick is exactly the kind of leader our country needs - someone who will put the people first."

This article was submitted by the Troiano campaign.