TROY - Eileen Sparduti, the Troy Area School District's Coordinator of Student Academic Programs, has retired, but that doesn't mean she is going to stop working.

Sparduti, who lives in Athens Township, said she hopes to find new ways to share her expertise in education during her retirement.

"I really don't see this as a retirement," she said. "I see this as moving toward new opportunities."

Her retirement was accepted at the school board meeting Tuesday.

District superintendent W. Charles Young commended Sparduti, and said he would personally miss her a great deal. Board member Michael Olsyn thought her retirement was a loss to the district.

Sparduti has 36 years of experience in education.

She has been working in the Troy Area School District since 1989, when she began as the district's school psychologist. Eight and a half years ago, she was hired for the Coordinator of Student Academic Programs position in Troy.

She started her career out in Ohio, where she spent three years working as a school psychologist. Then, in the 1980-81 school year, she started working for BLaST Intermediate Unit, based out of the Towanda office, but assigned to the Troy Area School District.

She is proud of her work over the years.

"Every educator wants to believe somewhere along the line they made a difference, even if it was just for a handful of people," she said.

"I had the good fortune to work with very good, professional educators over the years, and I've always most appreciated those positions where I had the opportunity to create programs."

In Troy, she said, "we were able to create a variety of online programs. We now have fairly extensive blended programs, a combination of online courses and courses within the brick and mortar classroom."

"We've been able to bring opportunities to Troy students they wouldn't otherwise have had," she said.

One of the online courses Sparduti played a role in developing is an online class taught by an instructor in Costa Rica, who teaches Troy Intermediate School students Spanish over the computer.

"That's been fun, watching that program take root and expand," she said.

Sparduti said it's been challenging helping organize the district's efforts to respond to the No Child Left Behind mandates.

She said those efforts focused "on what education is all about, which is student achievement."

Sparduti said that she had the good fortune to work "with a lot of very good professional educators, who serve as great role models."

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