TROY - The borough has "the ship turned around" as it builds up its police department once again, the borough mayor said Tuesday.

During this week's borough council meeting, Troy Mayor Mike Powers noted how the Troy Police Department is getting back in shape as two vacant full-time police officer positions have been filled.

Powers told council that he was "very optimistic and hopeful" that the recent hiring of two cadets from the Mansfield University Police Academy "will work to our advantage."

According to the Troy Borough Office, the officers who have been hired are Russell Stratford III and Trey Kurtz.

Powers noted how little boroughs everywhere face increases in crime, and "it's an unfortunate state of the whole union."

"I feel once we get these two gentlemen trained, up and running, it will certainly give us … more of a presence in the borough."

He was optimistic that they would positively impact the borough's law enforcement efforts.

In addition, Powers noted how police Chief Jarvis Burlingame "has been working every single day practically" since former police chief Kyle Wisel and former full-time officer Floyd McDonald resigned.

"I just want to bring it your attention," he said.

Powers said that the chief has been working from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the daylight and comes back at 8 p.m. and works until 4 a.m. to fill in, to ensure adequate coverage.

The mayor said he authorized the chief taking a much-needed rest, with arrangements made for the necessary coverage through the borough's part-time officer.

"I hope council appreciates the effort the chief has made thus far," Powers said. "He certainly has really made a tremendous commitment to the borough and to the constituents out there."

Powers said he was proud of the chief.

The mayor said he looked forward to a good relationship with the borough and police department.

Powers commented that the borough has its ship turned around and its arrow pointing to the north.

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