TROY - Troy Chamber of Commerce President Debi Hulslander said it's time for someone else to take the reins at the chamber.

During the chamber's meeting Wednesday at Edgewood's Restaurant in Troy, Hulslander noted that the election of officers for 2013 was coming up in January.

Hulslander said she has been president of the organization for 15-16 years, and it's time for someone else to be president and bring some new ideas to the table.

"I would really like someone else to think about stepping up as president," she told the chamber members.

"Just give it a try."

"It's a responsibility, I'll admit that, but I just think we need some new ideas in here," she said. She also was concerned that she didn't have the time that is required to put into the job.

Looking back to when she assumed the presidency of the chamber, Hulslander recalled, "I took the position because nobody else wanted it, and I was afraid the chamber would die if I didn't."

When asked for comment, Hulslander said that the ideal candidate would have leadership qualities and be able to organize.

She said those interested in the job need to first be nominated.

Huslander said she plans on staying in the chamber as a member, should she not continue in her role as president.

Chamber member Bill Brasington commended Hulslander for being community-minded as the chamber president.

"She's really provided a lot of leadership for the chamber," he said. "She has a lot of energy, and is really focused on what's the best for Troy."

Brasington said Hulslander can be credited for playing "a central role" in the chamber's holiday celebrations and getting the chamber involved in charitable efforts, such as the recent Pink-Out in Troy.

He said he was sure that should someone else be elected president, Hulslander would continue to support the chamber and assist the new president.

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