TROY - Troy Borough Council heard an update this week on the ARLE traffic signal enhancement project.

At council's regular monthly meeting this week, borough manager Dan Close began by providing some background on the project.

"For the public's information, ARLE is the grant that we got to upgrade the traffic light to help better accommodate traffic," he said. The grant, announced last year by PennDOT, was for $190,000

"It would accomplish a couple of things," Close told council.

First, Close said, "the timing and the activation will be by video detection, so when the camera sees that there's 'x number of traffic,' it adjusts the light accordingly to help move traffic a little smoother."

"And it also has emergency pre-emption, which means that the emergency vehicles, when they reach a line of sight with the light, will be able to activate the light from within their vehicle to turn that light green and move all the traffic out in front of them and out of the way as they're coming in."

Close said, "the engineers are still working on the logistics of that."

Once the plans are available, Close said, a public meeting will be held "so that folks can review those plans and make comment on those plans."

He said the meeting will be held in the evening "because people feel that it's better for people to attend evening meetings."

"For council's benefit, I will be meeting with the engineers," Close added. "A date hasn't been set yet." The engineering firm working on the project is Dawood Engineering of Enola, Pa., which is coordinating with PennDOT on the work.

"The big issue is still Fenner (Street), or what was previously Center Street," Close said.

This matter involves vehicles traveling in the eastbound lane of Elmira Street, trying to make a left turn onto Fenner Street. When that turn is blocked by another vehicle, the car trying to make the turn has to wait to turn, thus blocking the traffic behind it and creating gridlock.

Close told council members that he would keep them updated.

In other business, council appointed Doug Cummings to the zoning hearing board.

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