Troy Intermediate School is ready for the PSSAs.

Teachers, administrators and students at the school held a pep rally Monday afternoon, and judging by the energy level in the gymnasium, the students seemed all prepared for the annual standardized testing that is used by the state Department of Education to determine if a school makes Adequate Yearly Progress.

"Are you excited?" asked physical education teacher Christina Sheeley.

Sitting in the bleachers, the students shouted back that they were.

Sheeley said the purpose of the assembly was to encourage the students to do their best on the tests.

Music teacher Brianne Carpenter announced that several of her students had created a rap, and they performed it for their classmates.

The students rapped, "study, study, study for the PSSA's. Study, study, study, and you'll be OK."

"Don't get stressed, do your best."

Then, students from each grade level lined up in two rows on the gym floor, shouting back cheers to each other, such as "be the best you can be; we will do it, you can see."

The students could also learn about various steps they can take to prepare themselves for the tests.

Sheeley thought the students were ready for the tests, based on the energetic way they acted at the assembly.

"I think so," she said.

The PSSA testing continues today through Friday at Troy Intermediate School.

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