TROY - No comments were received at a public hearing Tuesday on a zoning amendment in Troy.

The hearing was held at 8:30 a.m. in the Allen F. Pierce Free Library, at the beginning of the Troy Borough Council meeting.

The zoning change was requested by Roy and Kim Cummings for a location on Elmira Street. They attended the hearing.

According to borough manager Dan Close, Roy and Kim Cummings have been negotiating with "a commercial interest" for the purchase of property owned by them on Elmira Street.

"The possible sale of that property is in part dependent on the referenced parcel being zoned as commercial," Close wrote in a letter to a resident, who had asked about the matter.

The zoning amendment rezones the site from Residential B to a commercial classification, council solicitor Harold Caldwell said at the hearing.

Caldwell was the only person speaking at any type of length at the hearing, other than council president Jason Hodlofski, who announced the start of the hearing.

Caldwell asked anyone wishing to comment to raise their hand to be recognized, but no one did.

"Apparently, there is no public comment on this; then, I guess at this point the public hearing will be closed, and borough council can proceed to consider the amended ordinance," he said.

Afterwards, a motion was then made to accept the zoning amendment.

Council member Mike Davison made the motion, with council member Jennifer Malehorn seconding it. Hodlofski asked if there was any discussion by council. None took place. The motion passed.

Previously, Kim Cummings declined to comment on the negotiations with the commercial interest.

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